1. Is Magnocall free?
Yes. Magnocall is a free web service for one-to-one video calling. All the included features and services are 100% free with no hidden costs.
2. How does Magnocall differ from other video calling services, e.g. Skype?
Unlike other video calling services like Skype, Magnocall is 100% browser-based which means there are no downloads for either you or any of your Magnocall contacts. Users just log in to their account to initiate and receive calls.
3. How can I make my first call?
Create a free account and log in at www.magnocall.com. Click on "Add Contact" and enter the email address of someone you want to call. If that person does not have a Magnocall account, they will receive an email inviting them to join. They will then be added to your address book. Move your mouse over their contact card (or tap on the contact card using a mobile device) and select to either call or video call your new contact. An incoming call window will then appear on your contact's screen. When they answer, you will both be connected in a call.

Alternatively you can use the call-me link to call people. Please see FAQ #6.
4. How can I allow Magnocall to access my webcam?
Magnocall requires use of your webcam in order to enable the video call functionality. Upon making your first call, your Chrome browser will display a notification just below your address bar: "magnocall.com wants to use your camera and microphone." Click the Allow button to enable the webcam.
5. How can I add someone to my Magnocall address book?
To add a colleague/friend to your address book, log in to your Magnocall account and click on "Add Contact". Enter your colleague/friend's email address to send them a request to connect. If they already have a Magnocall account, they will have the option to add you as well to their address book. If they don't yet have a Magnocall account, they will receive the option to create their own account and accept your request. Once they have accepted and created their Magnocall account, they will appear in your address book.
6. What is the "call-me link"?
The call-me link is a personal web URL for making video calls. Each Magnocall user has their own unique call-me link. Send your link to anyone and they can click on it to instantly join you in a free video call.
7. How many people can participate in a call?
Magnocall currently supports video calling between you and one other person.
8. How many video calls can I make?
You can make as many video calls as you wish. Magnocall is a free video calling service with no time limits or restrictions.
9. For how long can I make a video call for?
There is no time limit for Magnocall. You can make calls for one minute, one hour, or even longer. And it's free!
10. Do I have to download software to use Magnocall?
No. That is the first thing you will notice about using Magnocall - simplicity. There are absolutely no downloads required to use Magnocall. Just log in to your account and call your contacts from within your browser.
11. Can I only do video calls or can I also do pure audio calls?
You can start either a video call or a pure audio call with anyone in your address book. During the call you can turn the video functionality on or off to switch between video mode and pure audio call mode.
12. What are the system requirements?
Magnocall works on Windows in conjunction with the latest version of Google Chrome. If you have Google Chrome installed on your PC chances are good that you already have the latest version. If you don't have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you can download the latest version from here www.google.com/chrome.
13. I've forgotten my password.
If you forget your password, please visit the Magnocall homepage and click on the Login button. A small drop-down window will open with a "Forgot your password?" link at the bottom. Click on that and follow the instructions to reset your password.
14. I cannot see the caller. What can I do?
If you cannot see the caller but they have a working webcam, they have most likely initiated or answered the call in pure audio mode. During the call, please ask them to click on the video button at the bottom of the video call screen to turn on the video functionality.
15. I cannot hear the caller. What can I do?
If you cannot hear the caller but they have a working microphone and your computer has working speakers, the caller has most likely muted themselves. They can unmute themselves by clicking on the microphone button at the bottom of the video call screen.
16. Can I call someone who is not in my address book?
Yes. Click on the Invite button in your Magnocall account to send an email with your call-me link. The recipient can click on your call-me link to initiate a video call with you.
17. Do people I add to my address book have to authorize me before I can call them?
No. If they are already a Magnocall user and they are online, once you add them to your address book you are ready to call them right away. You don't need authorization. Calling someone on Magnocall is like sending someone an email - if you have someone's email address, you can send them an email. Likewise for Magnocall - if you have someone's email address, you can call them.
18. Is Magnocall available on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)?
Coming soon. Stay tuned.
19. Who is behind Magnocall?
The Magnocall product was launched in 2013 by Erik Boos and Mark Zondler, the founders of the global online meeting and online collaboration service, Mikogo.
20. Can I use my Facebook credentials to log in to Magnocall?
Yes. On the Magnocall homepage there is a "Sign in with Facebook" link under the sign up form. Click on the link to log in with your Facebook account.
21. Can I delete contacts from my address book?
Yes. Open your profile settings and click on "Edit Address Book". Then when you move your mouse cursor over a contact (or tap on a contact when using a smartphone or tablet) you will see a trash can icon in the top right corner. Click on this to delete the contact.
22. In which languages is Magnocall available?
Magnocall is currently available in English.